Surivival guide as if?

November 2023

I consider myself someone who isn't overly concerned with others' opinions of me. Over the course of my 19 years, I've encountered various situations that have taught me invaluable lessons. In this page, i'll try to articulate and preserve these experiences as personal notes for my own growth.

  1. Act for passion, not for fleeting impressions.
  2. Treat your parents like your guiding stars; instead of challenging them, cherish their wisdom.
  3. When friends introduce something new, hop online for more info.
  4. Speak less, listen more to understand others thoughts.
  5. Fix bugs in your code before moving on; returning to them later is hard.
  6. Engage in online communities, read their thoughts.
  7. Do a good research before seeking for help.
  8. Avoid being easily manipulated.
  9. Try making your things beautiful; uniqueness often lies in that effort.
  10. Avoid GUI as much as possible; delving deeper can expand your knowledge more effectively.
  11. Try doing random experiments with your code.
  12. Build a strong physique because your world often needs a fighter guy.
  13. Drink lots of water.